Welcome to Zoohouse Art! My name is Tim, I live in Parker, CO with my wife, 3 wild and crazy kids, and 2 wilder and crazier dogs (Remy, a German shorthair pointer mix and Dahlia, a catahoula mix), not to mention a gecko, a couple gerbils, and some frogs – it’s a zoo house (wink wink).  If you peruse my Gallery, you can see my portraits of our dogs, Remy and Dahlia as well as our beloved English bulldogs that we sadly had to say goodbye to over the past few years, Dozer and Layla.

I create hand drawn portraits from existing photographs of animals.  My artwork is completely traditional (as opposed to digital), and I use a mix of Copic markers, acrylics, gels, colored pencils, and inks to get just the right look and capture all the important details and personality of the animal.  I primarily work on 9×12 or 11×14 size bristol board.

I’m available for commissions of just about any subject, but I specialize in animals, particularly portraits of pets.


My commission rates can be found on my Pricing page.  If you want a size not listed on that page, I’m happy to discuss other options and prices of such, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

I can accept payment through Paypal, Venmo, or the usual cash or check, whichever’s easiest for you!  Please note, I do request a deposit of 50% of the total cost before I can begin work on the portrait, and full payment by the time of in-person delivery or shipping.


For my work, I use photographs for reference.  I’m always asked what kind of requirements I have for the photos you send me to work from, and the only real answer is that you send me the one you want me to make into a beautiful portrait!  I will make a nice piece of art from what I see in the photo that you provide, no matter what!

The only suggestions I have are that the photo is clear enough for me to see the animal’s true coloring, fur markings, eye colors, etc.  If the photo isn’t lit well and you want me to lighten up some areas, for example, I should be able to make that work, so feel free to discuss that with me.  In some cases, it might help to provide additional reference photos, along with the one I’m making a portrait from, that might help to show more of the aforementioned details, so that I can use those for detail reference.

If you’re not sure and have questions about the specific photo you want me to make the portrait from, not a problem!  I’ll take a look at it with you and we’ll figure out how to proceed from there.


Turnaround time just depends on how many projects I have in the pipeline at the moment, but it’s usually around a couple of weeks. Busier times of the year, like the months ramping up toward Christmas, can be a bit busier and may result in longer turnaround times. If you have an immediate deadline, I’m happy to discuss rush options, but that may come with an additional charge.


Regarding shipping… If you live in or around the Denver area, I can work with you for pick-up, or I might even be able to meet you somewhere halfway, but if you live outside of the area and I need to ship it to you, there may be an additional shipping cost added (usually about $7).


If your question isn’t answered here, don’t be afraid to contact me and ask!